Insights from Past Performance.
Predictions for Future Success.

Leverage historical and real-time data
to gain early, accurate, and up-to-date yield predictions


Supply Chain Predictions

Plot Level Quality & Forecasts

Anticipate block-level yield & crop performance to understand how it will impact your bottom line, sourcing needs, and just-in-time production:


Determine – with hyper-local accuracy – if sourced agriculture produce will meet required quality standards, and how they will impact overall profit.


Identify risks of under- and over-supply faster and more confidently than ever before.


Monitor how crops evolve in real-time, to more accurately plan processing and manufacturing operations across regions and growers.

Supply Chain Alerts & Reports

Receive automated, real-time Smart Alerts to help you identify, quantify, and measure supply (QTC) risks before they become problems. Stay on top of your planning with reports on upcoming over- and under-supply risks, and compare end-of-season results to previous years.

Optimized JIT Planning

Analyze predictive insights by crop variety, location, supplier and status, or create your own data filters to optimize your JIT for the season:

  • Number of acres producing in a particular region
  • Expected yield from a particular grower or supplier
  • Overall yield for a particular variety
  • And countless custom reports for any need


Supply Chain Management Without the Guesswork

See Everything at Once

All the information you need for informed procurement and sourcing decisions - right at your fingertips

Anticipate Market Behavior

Foresee market trends for improved supply planning and better ROI

Easily Avoid Supply Risks

Mitigate supply risks at lower costs, or prevent them entirely

Prioritize Supply Chain Logistics

Leverage real-time information from the field to prioritize logistics and operations

Additional Trellis Features

Smart Optimization Recommendations

Act Quickly. Leverage Smart Optimization Recommendations to effortlessly manage your ongoing supply chain operations.

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Market Intelligence Insights

Plan Confidently. Gain sophisticated Market Intelligence Insights to understand your procurement needs earlier and more accurately.

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Produce Costs
by 20%

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