See Market Shifts
Before They Happen

Anticipate industry-wide trends to better manage your agriculture and procurement operations


Market Intelligence Insights

Weather Sensitive
Cost Prediction

Our data modeling algorithms incorporate weather and climate predictions to help you understand your future costs and profits. Empowered by foresight, Trellis can help you weather any storm.

Market Behaviour Trends

The Trellis Seller Network synthesizes data on sale price, variety popularity, market trends, regional performance – and more – to provide real-time, validated insights on consumer and seller behavior. Understanding past market performance is easy; we help you anticipate future trends.

Balance Supply & Demand

Deciding when to clear or hold your inventory has never been easier. Trellis assesses current and future market values, maximizing the value of your supply, and ensuring that you always sell the right amount – at the right time and the right price.


Like Your Very Own Crystal Ball. But with Science.

Control Sourcing Channels

Trellis's predictive technology can help you understand how to cheaply and intelligently source your produce with specific and actionable recommendations. Whether it's through the spot market, contractors, or your own inventory, you can make the most of your sourcing channels.

Prioritize Supply Chain Logistics

Manage your produce supply chain with maximum efficiency. The power of foresight will help you determine which inventory to sell, buy, grow, or store, so that you are making the most of every part of your stock at every moment.

Additional Powerful Platform Features

Real-time Supply Predictions

Forecast Accurately. Use real-time Supply Chain Predictions to neutralize instability and risk in agriculture production.

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Supply Optimization

Act Quickly. Leverage Smart Optimization Recommendations to effortlessly manage your ongoing supply chain operations.

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Cut Agriculture
Produce Costs
by 20%

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