Sorrel’s technological flexibility, coupled by our total market approach, strike the perfect balance between what is best for the patients and what is optimal for pharma companies

Based on our high-end patents and groundbreaking design, Sorrel is suited for multiple configurations, molecules, and indications. This next-generation digitally integrated platform is intended for subcutaneous delivery of injectable drugs, biologics, and biosimilars. Sorrel’s on-body systems are hassle-free and simple to use, to generate improved outcomes just as the patient wants and exactly as the pharma company directs. Our technology delivers more, your way.
Our innovation is specifically designed to fit into the changing regulatory, industrial, and data privacy landscape. This opens up new therapy options that transform the way healthcare is delivered; ensuring an improved patient self-administration experience with a true platform-solution for Sorrel’s partnering companies.

Drug Delivery Innovation




Pre-filled Device



Pumping Mechanism
  • Electro-mechanical pumping mechanism
  • Reliable and proven technologies
  • Accurate and controlled
    • o Dose volume per step 0.2 µL
    • o ±5% accuracy
  • Gentle handling of the molecule delivered, by avoiding pressure and shear forces built on liquid


Primary Container Agnostic
  • Decoupling the pumping mechanism from the primary container, allows for:
    • o Different container types
    • o Different volumes
    • o Different materials and manufacturers
  • All based on the same technology, with minimal changes to device
  • Enables a true platform solution


Smart Sensing
  • Multiple sensors in place to ensure a confident and successful self-administration experience
    • o Air detection
    • o Occlusion
    • o Cartridge in place confirmation
    • o On-body detection
    • o Needle position
    • o Internal system checks


Pre-filled Device Solution
  • Recognizing the importance of a pre-filled and pre-assembled solution
    • o Enhances user experience
    • o Increases patient adherence to therapy
  • Ultimate and innovative solution in place
    • o Enabling full sterility of fluid path
    • o Utilizing standard cartridges with no complex fluid lines and established filling processes, no disruption
    • o Simplifies product design and manufacturing


  • Bluetooth® low energy and NFC enabled in the Sorrel devices
  • Team experienced with connectivity, cybersecurity and HIPAA regulations from marketed infusion pumps
  • Dedicated application in development for clinical trial use
    • o Displaying treatment summary to user and sharing event logs with healthcare provider or clinical trials investigator

Device Specifications

Pumping Mechanism Electro-mechanical
Primary Container Flexibility in volume, dimensions, and material of primary container.

Pre-assembled, loaded by user, or filled at point of care per partner choice.

Current configurations in development:

  • 2 mL, with internal drug reservoir, filled at point of care

  • 3 mL and 10 mL, pre-filled cartridge, loaded by user or pre-assembled in advance,
    per partner choice

Flow Rate Up to 60 mL/hr, pre-programmable and customizable
Viscosity Up to 120 cP
Needle System Concealed needle, with automated insertion and retraction
Connectivity Bluetooth® enabled
Accuracy ±5%
Customizability Branding, labeling and software