Simplified and efficient drug administration of large volumes and high viscosities can now be delivered with Sorrel, the next generation of wearable drug delivery devices. A true platform solution, Sorrel brings intuitive adherence to therapy for patients, and maximized value for pharma companies’ full range of indications.

Our trailblazing technology is reinventing wearable drug delivery systems, with robust devices that are simple to use, easy to scale-up, and ready to market. Acting as the ultimate interface between the drug and the patient, our platform offers functional features that optimize usability and secure patient safety. Prefilled and preassembled, reliable and effective, Sorrel delivers more- your way.

Current configurations in development:

  • 2 mL, with internal drug reservoir, filled at point of care
  • 3 mL and 10 mL, pre-filled cartridge, loaded by user or pre-assembled in advance, per partner choice

Your Way to Deliver More





Groundbreaking Innovation
  • Electromechanical, proven technologies for high reliability and control
  • Wide range of flow rates and viscosities
  • Innovative solution for seamless integration into manufacturing lines
  • Utilizing standard primary containers and established filling processes
  • Fully customizable to fit any scope of operations, marketing, and therapy


Patient-Centric Design
  • Prefilled and preassembled for enhanced self-administration user experience
  • On-body and fully disposable
  • Simple, intuitive with audio and visual indicators
  • Bluetooth® connectivity enabled
  • Click, stick, and toss solution for easier, safer, and more effective drug delivery


Partner-Focused Strategy
  • Leveraging capabilities in innovative concept-to-market drug delivery devices
  • Minimize time and risk with proven technical, regulatory, and manufacturing expertise
  • Partner-focused and regulation-ready development process in place