Not all analytics are created equal.

We transform judicial statistics into intelligence.
Predicta offers insights into the factors that are case-specific and identity-based statistics that may have influenced an outcome.

Predicta under the hood:

Predicta combines large legal data sets from PACER docket sheets containing every decision and event specific to a case together with judge and lawyer biographical information to create valuable predictions for all federal cases.

Predicta process millions of data point attributes and identity information (unique to Predicta) to predict critical outcomes that have been decided in the past similar to yours


One Powerful

Case specific

Predict litigation time to decision and outcome of your motion.

Our algorithms process millions of unique data points to generate predictions tailored to the elements of your case that matter such as judge specifics, case specifics and attorney type that will influence your case outcome.

  • Predict litigation time to decision
  • Predict outcome of your motion
  • Select the right attorney
Predict litigation time to decision

All Wrapped into and Easy to Use Platform

We retrieve Pacer information within only a case number so you can and avoid the need to manually enter in too many case details

Print, email and download quickly Motion Prediction reports

Get recent access to the latest
predictions quickly

The Predicta platform has a simple and intuitive interface so you can focus on your case and not on being a data analyst

Predicta is built with you in mind to
enhance your case assessments

In-house Counsel

Predict which attorneys will likely win your case so you can deploy resources more effectively and spend your budget on the things that you really need.
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Law Firm Attorneys

Predict motion outcomes, what jurisdiction to file in and days to decision so you can be confident in making strategic decisions more accurately.
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Litigation Finance

Quantify judicial data together with your economic models to gain deeper insights into which cases to invest in and then predict which attorneys to hire that will most likely win.
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