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Why Predicta?

Know the why of the judge’s decision and gain never before seen insights to help you get a leading-edge to hire the right outside counsel.

One Powerful Litigation
Prediction Platform

Motion Prediction

With Claira Motion Prediction, learn previous ruling statistics based on past cases with similar parameters so you can best predict and assess litigation time-to-decision and motion outcomes by delivering quantitative analyses of judicial patterns within just a few clicks.

  • Predict the likelihood of motion granted for post-filing cases
  • Predict the likelihood of a motion granted including judge behavior profiling, for pre-filing case
  • Predict Post-filing time-to-decision
  • Predict Pre-filing time-to-decision based on including judges distribution

Attorney Prediction

With Attorney Prediction we offer a case-by-case assessment to help you compare and select the attorney most likely to win based upon case history similar to yours and not based on cost.

District & Case Type Prediction

As the plaintiff wither you are pre or post-filing you can test jurisdiction models based on past case types and district filed in and Claira will predict and compare even with multiple parameters how to best file to win your case

Judge Profiling

We predict and analyze a judge’s decisional behavior based on specific cases that are similar to yours while comparing the judge with others in the same district.

Unique Insights

Claira displays insights unique to case-specific characteristics that were the most influential in the above predictions such as the likelihood of success and litigation time, and a confidence score to quantify the certainty of Claira’s prediction. Other platforms only provide generalized statistics, while we provide the ‘why’ of the judge’s decision.

Benefits You Can Count On

Evaluate your case chances more

Deliver the most important case predictions to the client to help them make better decisions

Time-saving by relying on stats of
exact similar cases

Gain more knowledge to make better
case decisions

Cutting-edge litigation starts today. Are you ready?