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Use AI to predict motion outcomes and time to decision, attorney selection, and the most optimal district to file in.

Quantify litigation risk and better assess cost.

By analyzing your cases most relevant data points together with our proprietary algorithms we capture judge biographical data and judicial patterns to create unique profiles for every judge to predict decisions

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Predicta’s never seen before platform has been developed by industry experts in law, machine learning and data Analytics to help you gain a leading edge over opposing counsel.

Our powerful algorithms process millions of unique data points together with judicial profiles to generate predictions tailored to the elements of your case that matter such as judge specifics, case specifics and attorney type that will influence your case outcome.

We look deep into the identity of attorneys and judges and can analyze non obvious relationships and produce filtered patterns to create new information
and predictions.

We provide Deep Insights into your case and special factors that uncover patterns that no-one else has seen so you can gain confidence in our prediction and influence the motions of your case.

Predicta is built with you in mind to
enhance your case assessments

In-house Counsel

Predict which attorneys will likely win your case so you can deploy resources more effectively and spend your budget on the things that you really need.
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Law Firm Attorneys

Predict motion outcomes, what jurisdiction to file in and days to decision so you can be confident in making strategic decisions more accurately.
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Litigation Finance

Quantify judicial data together with your economic models to gain deeper insights into which cases to invest in and then predict which attorneys to hire that will most likely win.
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