S-Corp Automation for Self-Employed

Save thousands of dollars on taxes, make better financial decisions, and get access to corporate level benefits.

CEO, Shahar Plinner

You went into business so you can make money and pursue your dreams, not spend your time worrying about taxes, keeping your books clean, managing your finance.
Formations helps Self-Employed save money on taxes, get real-time insight and recommendations on how to manage their business finance, and get access to corporate-level benefits like health insurance and 401K to ensure their financial well-being.

We’ve Got Your Back, 24/7

Formations is a holistic S-Corp solution that
continuously optimizes your business
finance to maximize savings and unlock
your full financial potential.

Formations automatically tracks your business revenue and logs it into our accounting and bookkeeping system.
Expenses Payroll Distribution Benefits
Non-stop optimization of expenses, payroll, benefits and distribution amounts to maximize tax savings and ensure compliancy.
Tax Savings
Maximum allowable tax savings with real-time visibility into tax liability and savings, so you can make smarter decisions about your business finance.
Take Home Money
Your tax-free money. Don’t spend it all in one place ;)

What You Get with Formations

S-Corp creation
or migration

Formations will take care of your incorporation, including federal and state registration, legal documents, articles of incorporation and all other incorporation requirements. If you already have an S-Corp, Formations will audit the current structure and will migrate it to Formations.


Powered by Xero, Formations uses the world’s most advanced cloud bookkeeping software to automatically recognize income and expenses, categorize and reconcile expenses, keep your books up to date and compliant, and identify opportunities for additional savings.

Accounting team

With Formations, you will get a dedicated account manager and an accounting team that will be in charge of ensuring your account is always being managed. You will have 24/7 access to your team and our knowledge base to ensure that you never go to sleep with a tax concern.

Tax filing and
audit protection

Formations will manage your S-Corp’s annual tax filing, and while on the platform, you will get 100% audit protection.


Formations offers corporate-level benefits like health insurance and 401K. Utilizing benefits to reduce your taxable income, you can save more money on your taxes while ensuring your financial future.

Financial strategy

Formations uses the latest AI and machine learning models to spot trends and patterns, and identify opportunities for more savings and better financial decisions. Our recommendations engine makes complex decisions easy.


We know that taxes can be scary, but we’ve got your back. Our US certified Bookkeepers and CPAs use standardize tax filing, calendar and notifications to make sure you never miss a deadline.


Being independent doesn’t mean being alone. Formations is building the world’s largest community of self-employed where you can connect with likeminded entrepreneurs, ask questions, exchange ideas and knowledge, and find people who share your passion for independence.

What people have to say about Formations?

Deanne DeVries, Owner, DeVries Properties

As a Real Estate Broker, I constantly think whether I should invest more time working in my business or working on my business. With Formations a large part of working on my business is taken care of so I don’t need to worry about it and can spend more time working in my business – meeting clients, finding buyers and getting the work done.

Johanna Craig, Residential Real Estate Specialist, John L. Scott

The tax savings are of course great, but more than anything, Formations is an extension of our business. It helps us facilitate being an S-Corp, it takes care of our financial data and taxes, and it lets us know when we need to address an issue or an open question. We no longer have to worry about bookkeeping and taxes.

Save thousands of dollars on taxes, make better financial decisions, and get access to corporate level benefits.

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