Yariv Tabac

Co-Founder and CEO

Yariv is CEO and Co-founder of DBmaestro. Yariv is also the Co-founder of Extreme group, a leading IT services solutions provider group that employs more than 200 IT professionals and serves more than 50 of the largest enterprises in Israel. Prior to DBmaestro, Yariv Co-founded byUMan Inc., an innovative solution for managing web-enabled contact centers.

Yariv began his career at the Israel Defense Forces Computer Center where he held various technical and management roles.

Yariv holds a B.Sc. degree in Business and Management from Bar Ilan University.

Outside of work, Yariv enjoys swimming, hiking and a good beer.

Yaniv Yehuda

Co-Founder and CTO

Ramel Levin

VP of Marketing

David Rossi

EVP, North America

David Akka

VP UK Sales

Roy Lauzon

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