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XJet is a game-changing startup developing cutting-edge 3D printers and materials for metals and ceramics manufacturing.

Our proprietary NanoParticle JettingTM technology features print heads that deposit an ultra-fine layer of liquid droplets containing metal or ceramic nanoparticles. This disruptive technology is generating great interest across the industry, which until now has used powders, lasers and larger particles.

Our groundbreaking products and technologies enable the printing of detailed parts with unlimited geometries and shapes used for production, made in a safe and convenient manner.

Our multidisciplinary development team is made up of leading professionals in their respective fields, all working together in a dynamic and challenging environment. Our team members – experts in chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, software, electronics and more – have come together to design and produce our 3D printers.

We are looking for talented people with the passion, enthusiasm, desire and expertise to contribute to the development of a real pioneering product – a 3D printer poised to revolutionize the additive manufacturing (AM) industry.

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