About Us

OSR Enterprises AG, a Swiss based Tier 1 supplier to car manufacturers (OEMs).

Founded in 2011 with headquarter is in the canton of Zug, Switzerland, OSR has developed a Multi-Domain AI Brain to control and manage autonomous driving and the Internet of Vehicles. Its Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) systems can port multiple electronic control units governing areas like communication and human machine interface functions into a single system, while giving each domain its own AI functionality.


OSR is managed by established industry leaderswith broad experience in market segments such as: Automotive, Cyber Security, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.

OSR’s management understands the various technical challenges and needs, and has successfully navigated companies through these fields, from seed funding to revenue generating and financial stability.

Research &

OSR fosters the vision, creativity and knowledge of its R&D team in order to develop, design and produce cutting-edge technology. With leading engineers from industrial and academicals backgrounds in the fields of: Automotive, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence, the R&D department drives innovation and excellence. The team includes both hardware and software experts with vast experience in various areas, so that it is able to create and optimize sophisticated, cost-efficient and harmonized systems.