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Innovation Makers help companies grow by converting their impactful intros into assets

Shila Porter Biz Dev

*Membership is exclusive.

The Power of Intro.

Warm intros are the core of successful companies' growth.

A good intro is one that is personal, specific, and can be beneficial to both sides. We believe these should be done accurately and with respect.

Innovation Makers


Our members club was founded to provide connected, young professionals a way to leverage and monetize their connections.


Our members share a vision of a world driven by technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation where they play an active role in helping companies grow.

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Our membership is invite only, extended to 1,000 extraordinary people from around the world. Each must be nominated by two existing Innovation Makers members.
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What are Innovation Makers?

We are a closed membership club for thought leaders who are professional, fun and associated with the best investment opportunities. We are those “weirdos” that always support innovation and want to help companies grow. We are enthusiasts who look to challenge the status quo and be the first to spot tomorrow’s new innovations.

What kind of problem do we solve?

The matching between a company to its future investors has always been an unsolved puzzle. Entrepreneurs all over the world are in a constant struggle to find the right match to fund them. Whether it’s a VC, Angel investor or a private equity fund the process is usually long, costly and damages their focus and ability to pursue their real dream to create a product. From the other side of the map, investors are always on the run for the next big thing; however, finding this next “unicorn” is a complicated mission and not every investment is a right fit. Warm intros are considered to be the best method to create a perfect match, which is usually limited by geography, field of expertise and personal connections. This matchmaking market is a multi-billion-dollar market in direct fees which are paid out to finders, investment houses and other advisors. Not only this, but the indirect cost of the due diligence process from the investor's side and the roadshow from the entrepreneur’s side can add up to millions of hours in innovation and product building that are gone to waste.

What's in it for me?

Get recognized by landing the right connection and helping others.

Receive warrants for equity in promising companies for warm intros turned to investments.

First exposure to the most interesting investment opportunities.

Become part of an exclusive global community of professionals.

Host meet-ups within your local community and lead social networking events.

Connect with other ambassadors around the globe.

Who’s the ideal member we are looking for?

As an exclusive membership, we look for a unique set of qualities.

The profile of the individuals in the network is wide: from professional advisors to ex-VC partners, executives and entrepreneurs in startup companies, MBA students at top universities and more.

Our extraordinary individuals have the ability to find, share and engage with potential investors and clients.

What will I be required to do?

Every month we will send you a new deal opportunity. You will get a chance to join the deal and use your valuable connections to help the selected company with its fundraising campaign. After you have learned the deal structure and understand the company’s materials you will get access to introduce the company to prospective investors after making sure the “intro” is relevant, specific and done accurately with respect.

How do you conduct due diligence?

We take very seriously the evaluation process of a company. The process begins with us scouting for the most promising startups in the Israeli ecosystem. Our due diligence process is structured and includes a few phases in which we are examining with the world’s top experts the company’s team, technology, business model, market and other segments that can affect future growth. Before engaging with a company, we are evaluating our findings with our investment committee.

Who can apply?

We are looking for the best people with expertise in technology, innovation and finance. In order to apply, two members in our club must vet for the candidate. Then we will send an application form followed by a video interview. Please allow two weeks for a us to conduct a final decision.

How can I recommend a company?

We plan to expand in the future. At the moment, all of our due diligence and company engagement process is done only in Israel. We are planning on expanding in the future.