friends are made.
hobbies are born.
your next client lives.
the game is on
your big idea has been hiding.
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Tap into the potential of home.

Finch Living is a service dedicated to improving experience and building community in residential properties across the US. Driven by our vision of a more stimulating and enriching life at home, we empower leading property teams to bring new life to their portfolio, and new opportunity to their residents.

How it Works

We provide residents with both physical and digital communication resources.
Each Finch Living community has access to a mobile app as well as an on-site Community Builder –
who curates events and local perks to suit needs.


Connect to your neighbors and find community right in your immediate surrounding.

Attend and Organize Events

RSVP for a range of gatherings and classes, or book amenity spaces and organize your own events.

Score Perks.

Get access to regional deals with local businesses, made possible by your dedicated Community Builder.

Become a Finch Pro

List and offer a skill, service or hobby to a core client base, right at home.

Meet Our Members

When Tara moved into Postmark in Stamford, Connecticut, she never imagined she’d be able to get her newly acquired yoga teacher training off the ground so quickly.

Using the Finch Living app, and with the help of her Community Builder, Kate, Tara was able to build the beginnings of a new yoga studio, discovering her client base right at home.

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finch living

We are the scalable solution for building community and improving experience in residential properties – without the pressure to develop or make capital improvements.

When you partner with Finch Living, you get:

Access to a dynamic team with proven track record building companies, communities and lifestyle brands.
Better tenant experience, leading to lower turnover, faster lease-ups and higher profitability.
Enhancement of existing amenities and staff performance, strengthening brand image and improving reputation.

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Finch Living is available for Apple and Android
devices in selected living communities.