Product overview

Altair’s portfolio of LTE chipsets covers the full spectrum of application and use case connectivity, from speeds of hundreds of Mbps to tens of Kbps, from standby current of milli-Amps to micro-Amps, and from small footprint modules to miniature, low profile system in package (SiP). Our chipsets are complemented by a field-hardened software stack and a wide range of turnkey reference designs and production tools. Altair’s chipsets ALREADY power millions of LTE connected devices all over the world.


1160 CAT-1 10 Mbps
The ALT1160 is an LTE CAT-1 chipset featuring downlink speeds of up to 10 Mbps… Read more >
1210 CAT-M1 1 Mbps
The ALT1210 is an LTE CAT-M1 IoT chipset with CAT-1 fallback featuring downlink speeds up… Read more >
1250 CAT-M1 & NB1 200 Kbps - 1 Mbps
The ALT1250 is an LTE Release 13 CAT-M1 and NB1 IoT chipset, featuring ultra-low power… Read more >

broadband lte

3800 CAT-4 150 Mbps
Architected to support the most advanced LTE and LTE-A standards, this chipset and software platform… Read more >
4800 CAT-12 600 Mbps
Altair’s ALT4800 features 8 RX antennas and is ideal for very high-speed, high-capacity access applications… Read more >